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30 Day Content Challenge for Badass Traffic

SOCIALLY SAVAGE  – A 30 Day Content Challenge for Badass Traffic

Creating content sucks at times.

It can be frustrating, overwhelming and if we are going to be totally honest it can feel like the thing that should be on the bottom of your to-do list in a busy schedule of business.

We used to completely struggle with the concept and used to preach things like – “just nail one platform and then move onto the next.” The problem was this was causing us missed opportunities because we were always waiting for everything to be perfect and well “we didn’t want to annoy people” flooding the internet with content.

Then there was a wake up call! Thanks to old mate Gary Vee! Yeah, we love the man – he said do we even think that our little handful of posts were even putting a dint in the digital world that literally has billions of pieces of content pouring out daily? He was right and his solution to being noticed – CREATE MORE CONTENT.

So we did! We joined more platforms and we opened our arms to literally giving away content to put our brand in every corner we could find. The first few months were HORRIBLE! We winged it – like seriously would wake up, message each other some ideas and get to work for the day and it almost always fell apart before the day was finished.

It was a JOKE! We were exhausted and we hated doing content at the time because it caused us to have a breakdown from the overwhelm of keeping up with our lack of planning.


Wolf and Geek

Wolf and Geek

We decided to get serious and write a plan and realised some super cool content hacks that eased some stress. We are going to share all of that with you and help you with the next 30 days of Content Creation as we get Socially Savage with you and your brand.

The Challenge is completely FREE and will be running from Instagram as our home base. If you are however wanting to kick things up a notch and enter our Brand School at the same time you can click here to sign up: ENROL IN BRAND SCHOOL 


If you haven’t already registered with us for the free challenge – it is simple – just send us a couple of hands up emojis on Instagram via DM – @netwerkitgirl and we will know you have joined the Wolf Pack for this challenge.

So on with this challenge!

Ok – so why Create Content?

It’s easy. Because it works.

You see this little snippet is from our Google Analytics and what is demonstrates is what happened when we decided to go on a Content Strike and truly prove that our traffic is build from CREATING CONTENT across multiple platforms to achieve our audience.


Wolf and Geek - Google Analytics

Wolf and Geek – Google Analytics

The drop you see in our graph is literally hundreds of daily visitors no longer visiting our website. And the thing was, yes we only stopped for a day or two but it impacted us for over a week after as we started to put our content back out there and engage again as per normal.

The Content Challenge Rules

Starting tomorrow you will launch into the first steps of getting your basic content creation plan off the ground and over the 30 days ahead you will build yourself into a complete Content Creation Badass.

Take note of your traffic – look at all your platforms including your website and see what your numbers are for visitors, views and engagement – you are going to set your own personalised goal.

If you’re getting 500 visitors per month, what would you be able to do with 1,000? (We’re participating too – we are going to be setting some bid audacious goals for people to laugh at – you will see our goals roll out across Instagram on the @wolfandgeek page.)


Wolf and Geek Creating Content

Wolf and Geek Creating Content with Jayinem MakeUp Mistress


So, here are the rules:

  1. Pick a number. How much traffic are you currently getting and how much are you looking to achieve? Without a goal,  you can’t hit a target that you can’t see – if you don’t have a goal, you will end up lacking the drive to finish this challenge.
  2. Choose your content (we will help you with some topics soon). Content is anything that provides value to readers. Whether that’s a blog post, guest post on another blog, video, or podcast, make sure it’s providing value.  Simply think about how you are going to deliver the topics that you will find in the below list day by day. One day might be an Instagram post and the next a LinkedIn article.
  3. Re-purpose Content – each time you create a piece of content, take sometime to think how you can re-create it for another platform or another way of telling a story. For example one of the blog articles we did first went to a platform that we guest write for, the same article was then used on our website with a new focus and then each topic in the article was turned into several Facebook posts the following week and the following was used as Insta-Stories. When you create QUALITY content you should be able to find multiple ways to present it.Another example was then turning it into a video where we talked about the article and interviews within the article. The thing that surprised us was simply – our engagement and audience didn’t de-crease across the same piece of content, it more than tripled as many people learn different, listen differently and prefer certain platforms for delivery. Our content game became the strongest it had ever been.
  4. ENGAGE this rule is a very important one. And it is another tip we got from Gary Vee that just bloody worked! The $1.80 Strategy, it is about leaving your 2 cents 90 times a day. And this rule is holding you to that as this $1.80 is the best investment you will make in your content game. You will literally do 90 comments a day for 90 days – we ask you to start inside the challenge and then widen your audience – go to the hashtag #netwerkitgirl on Instagram and literally click photo by photo and get to know everyone doing the challenge and what they do. Leave genuine real comments, questions and ideas. From there choose a hashtag that your ideal customer might be using and do the same thing – do it until you literally can’t do it anymore.




Get Organised Like a Badass

We will be honest. This isn’t an easy task.

It takes massive preparation to do something like this, so you don’t burn yourself out. So if you are new to creating content – even one item a day is going to make a massive difference – even if you start with just 1 Instagram Post a Day, that is ok!

We highly recommend drawing up a content schedule of what and where you will post each day to get you on track and set up for the best chance of nailing this. We also recommend using scheduling tools where possible to relieve some of the stress of building this over the next 30 days.

This is very important, because it gives you a guided route for the entire month. And creates healthy habits in your business.


21 Topics to Cover in 30 Days across multiple platforms

1. About You
2. Your Mission or Vision
3. Your Brand Values
4. About Your Product or Service
5. Client Testimonial
6. Something you believe in
7. Something you are passionate about
8. An unpopular opinion
9. Drop a TruthBomb
10. Something your are grateful about
11. Something happening around the World
12. Someone who inspires you
13. Shout Out another brand
14. Talk about a client/customer experience
15. What drives you
16. Your tools
17. Your product or Service on Display
18. 10 Tips
19. Interview someone in your space (think about something your audience will love)
20. Share a topic your ideal customers will want to read about
21. Re-Share an article on brand


Now let’s begin! Don’t over-complicate this – keep it simple, fun and straight forward.

Your first post must go live within the next 24 hours for your initiation post into the gang. Tag us! And let the Wolf pack begin!


Tips for getting the most out of this!

For us to be able to follow your posts, re-share your content and for others to be able to find you and engage – tag all your posts with #NetwerkItGirl
If you make stories tag @netwerkitgirl and @wolfandgeek so we can re-share your content.

Write a blog article or something alike DM us the link so we can share it on too! You cannot message us too much during this challenge and you can tag us all you like – we love it – we want to hear from you! We want to be part of your content and have you back through the whole process!

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