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13 Badass Secrets to Branding Success

In the daily battle of branding success you need to ask yourself will your potential customers think of you when it is time to buy – let’s be real here a badass brand is consistent hard work once you know what the hell you are doing, but really a badass brand is no secret.

You see for your customer it is overwhelming to mentally record everything they see each day. So subconsciously they will let things fall away and this is likely to be your product or service if you have not mastered the art of a good badass brand.

Whether you have never put any thought into this topic, are failing at it miserably or just need a little nudge in the right direction – we can have you branding like a badass in no time – we all start somewhere.

We found a good place to start was exactly where your favourite brands started, yes they all started where you are. You see when we got started we decided to study some of the top performing brands in the World and also the fastest growing start-ups and found they all had a few things in common.

The Secret to a Badass Brand begins…

The kind of growth you are seeking doesn’t just happen. It’s made to happen, by following a basic formula to formulate your brand before you hit the ground running. We all need a plan right?


Be Courageous

Launching a badass brand is not for the faint of heart – it takes courage and tenacity to build something from nothing, prepare yourself with extra courage and confidence for a road with much doubt and criticism and write down a reminder for yourself, when things get tough, keep going.

Value yourself

In a saturated market where every bidder will be throwing out the lowest price – remember point one – don’t doubt yourself and stick to the plan. Cheap price tags do not create loyalty to your brand. It only creates “loyalty” to that price tag. As soon as your customer is offered a better price, they will jump ship without giving you a second thought. Badass Brand dominance is created by having the highest brand value, not the lowest price tag.

Be the original

This is no cookie cutters club – you won’t find a good brand in that club. This is something you need to apply to every last inch of what you do. Be original, be unique and do it better than everyone else.

Creativity is not dead!

Engineer ideas – don’t settle. When you have an idea, spend the time to break it down and build it. Creativity is where you find all the juicy stuff that customers love best.

Know the difference

For the love of god – know that social media isn’t a badass brand strategy, it is a platform where you can execute part of your strategy – the one thing we always say is to remember – you need to have something valuable to say, that is your strategy, the content you place on platforms like social media.

My competitor’s product isn’t that good?

But my product is better? I am sure you have said this before and wondered why another product is outselling you? Likely it is their brand – history is filled with it. Superior branding will outsell a superior product 9 out of 10 times – why? Customers will buy from who they remember.

First Impressions Count

You have heard the saying – first impressions count – this goes for your brand too. A customer has a first moment with your brand to either fall in love or keep looking, which would you rather it be? Be honest with yourself and look at your brand with fresh eyes and really ask yourself if your brand makes customers stop in their tracks or are you part of the consumer amnesia that is common with 8/10 brands daily.

Passion is key

FACT: People never got passionate about mediocre. Nobody types into google “average mascara that does the job.” People search for the best and get all giddy like on a first date as the pursuit kicks off. They will ask their friends who will tell them 1-2 brands they can remember or they will search social media that will deliver them which brands their friends are looking at the most or the brands with the best strategy and well we know how this ends.

It is all about the logo

Is your logo important? One of the first things you will always hear about your brand is that is it more than a logo and while this is all good to say it is important to know the logo is one of the celebrities to any brand. It is the one constant that is seen in everything you do, the face and the way people perceive you as a company.

There is no manual

Badass brands are built on highlights of the past or coming soon hype. While the highlights have blueprints – coming soon type of hype does not but both things have something in common when you are building, it is a bumpy road that you are likely not able to pick up a manual for. You are going to find yourself in territory that feels scary but if you stay on track and get the job done, you are likely to have people asking questions like “why didn’t I think of that?”

Build culture around innovation and creation and don’t be scared of that. Successful brands kept going when people were still asking “what are they thinking.” Be bold!

Find your right audience

Badass brands adhere to this important detail: A lipstick will complete your look is just a fact. To the wrong audience, it’s irrelevant. But to the right audience, it’s a passion. Find your right audience.


Do it on purpose! Great brands ask questions and deliver on purpose. Ask your customers what they want and then deliver it without guessing what they want. A good brand will deliver what the customer wants not what they want.

People buy solutions

Today’s buying market is different – purchasing behaviour is an evolution and many brands make the big mistake in trying to “sell their stuff” rather than clarifying the problem or convenience people are actually buying. People don’t buy products, they buy solutions from brands.

Leave your mark

Do you know what is sexy? Having something that someone else doesn’t – this goes for your brand too. An alluring sense that you can offer something that other brands can’t. This is what you need to set as your standard and make it your brand stamp. People can’t help following sex appeal – what you your brand’s sex appeal?

Now you have some powerful secrets to build a brand like a badass – consider this the ingredients to badass brand success.

The most effective way to leverage these secrets is to take 1-2 every few days and take some action into implementing them into your brand and your strategy.

These kinds of tips don’t happen overnight – they take consistent hard work to implement, follow through and see success – so back to point one –

Be Courageous and just start today!

We promise you in 1 month from now you will feel more in control of your brand than ever before and you may even be reaping the start of the fruits it will bring.