7 Tips to Brand Your Instagram Header

7 Badass Tips on How to Brand Your Instagram

Brand your Instagram? Integrating Instagram into your branding strategy is essential for the survival and growth of your business and one of the best ways to capture an incredible audience.

But we are not going to sugarcoat this – Instagram is no walk in the park.

Building an engaged online audience that trusts you and buys from you is hard work but in our opinion totally worth it as we like to think of our Instagram as our secret weapon. This platform for us is something we are so proud to have built from the ground up – yes we all started with zero followers and yes it is possible to grow it – we aren’t selling unicorns here today.

Too often we see businesses on Instagram turn their channels into graveyards. Commonly you see about 15 photos, 150 followers and zero updates in the last couple of months. If you’ve clicked on this article and know you fall into this category – don’t panic, we are here to help.

With a half-a-billion active users on Instagram, there are massive opportunities every single minute on the platform from new customers to collaborations to take you to the next level. This is literally the World at your fingertips and you are able to communicate with them at the tap of a few buttons.

But just as easy as saying that there is also the chance that no one will see you if you don’t put in the hard yards to create branded content that people want to follow and can fall in love with.

We have put together a short list to help you not just set up your Instagram but to brand your Instagram like a badass – we recommend getting a pen and making notes through the next 7 simple and actionable tips…

1. Do Your Research

Get inspired by exploring the wonderful World of Instagram – look up hashtags that interest you and click profile after profile. Make a list of the top 10 brands you find and can’t take your eyes off. And beside each of them – write something you love about their brand.

Some of our favorites:






2. Check out the competition

However, this is not a competition. Have a look at what other people in your space and profession are doing, note the things that they do well – you are also not here to copy them – this is about awareness and improvement. Now write down three things you can do better.

3. Plan your insta-brand

Now you already have some notes. Write down the colors, filters, and themes that you want your Instagram brand. Be sure to make sure it matches you and your brand offline as a brand isn’t your “work life” it is your life’s work and that is what you are putting on show here. It is crucial you understand your brand to truly display it’s full potential on social media platforms, especially on Instagram as this is a highly visual platform.


4. Set up your bio

There is no time to babble. Think about how you can use the 150 characters to write copy that attracts prospective clients and customers — people who are the most likely to press the follow button. Explain what your business is and what you do – feature your best assets as this is your landing page and how most people will decide if to follow you or not. This is also the gateway to help people buy from you – make it extremely simple – here is what I do – here is how you can have that. This could be as simple as your website link at the end of your 150 dynamite words summing your brand up.

5. Set up your username and display picture

This is important – it is the little circle on Instagram that is going to show up beside every post you make and the name that will be attached to every comment and notification. Make sure you get it right and don’t complicate it. If you have a logo USE IT and if you have a business name USE IT. Make yourself easy to find because as we said – there are billions of users and you want people to be able to find you. Yes, we have had clients that set up accounts with “fun new names” and wondered why no one could find them on Instagram.

6. Make your highlights

Let’s be real here –highlights are a girl’s best friend and this is also true for Instagram. These are the cool little circles you will find on many profiles now that when you press them – it brings up a video reel. Choose a couple of things you want to highlight in your business and make them a permanent feature by making little-branded highlight covers and titles for people to explore what you do. You will build content for these through your stories and once a story is posted – you can add it to the appropriate highlight cover.

We have seen some fabulous ideas from How-To Highlights to company stories, frequently asked questions and highlighted services. One of my favourite highlight reels is of clothing companies who have new arrivals that you can go and look through weekly – so simple but so effective. Think about what you do and how to showcase it best.

7. Take your first pictures

You are almost ready to fly the coop with a basic branded set up on Instagram but the last tip here is to take action – take some photos.

With everything you have done above – it is time to put it into action and post your first 3 pictures over the next 24 hours. Take the time to create 3 photos that represent your insta-brand, your username and display picture, your bio and your highlights – yes tie it all together and make content from it to tell the story of what you do – it is that simple.

You don’t need to be a photographer, just put common sense into play and make sure your photos are bright, clear and relevant.

Still here? Congratulations you are now on your way to Instagram Badassery – the place where insta-fame grows but most importantly this is how to give your business the spotlight it deserves on Instagram.