Personal Branding by Wolf and Geek

Why You Need to Make a Name For Yourself


One of the most crucial movements every business should engage in is branding. But we are not just talking about developing an identity for your service or product at hand. We want to talk about establishing your own name in the market – by showing you why you need to build a personal brand.

Personal branding is positioning yourself as a credible industry expert and thought leader. We believe a personal brand is going to be more important than ever as this generation moves from platform to platform. They are moving faster than ever – the question is – will they remember your name?

We get it! Branding can seem overwhelming, but before you throw your hands up in the air and give up – know that we have got your back. We will help you get started with some easy reasons to inspire you to implement this right away.

If you can get your personal branding as fierce as Lauren Conrad’s selfie game, we believe you can put yourself on the radar as a ‘woman to watch’ this year. You see kicking butt with your business brand is one thing, but the moment you can take control of your personal brand at the same time you will feel an all-new sense of power in what you do.

Just to clarify, a personal brand is not a cute Instagram feed, an occasional rant on Facebook or the overuse of the hashtag #influencer. A successful personal brand is a business strategy. A personal brand is where you choose your strengths, opinions and habits to highlight and communicate a message to a chosen audience. This should amplify what you stand for and reflect your business. These thoughts and actions are your personal brand.

So without further adieu let’s cover the basics of how to build a personal brand to make a name for yourself…

1. #Storytelling is the new black.

A personal brand is a “humanised” version of your overall business agenda. It is a space where you are able to expand on a greater picture and connect with people on a personal level. It is a fact that consumers buy from what they know and trust. A personal brand is a space where you can build trust and share what matters to you. You see in 2019 heart centred brands with missions and greater impacts that consumers can resonate with will outgrow many companies. So who are you and what do you stand for? Tell that story.

2. Be taken seriously.

We call this The Art of Social Lighting. A personal brand can be a powerful tool as you attend events, conferences and meetings in your industry. A badass personal brand can be the difference of walking into a room where no one knows who you are to being the person that turns heads as you walk in. When a powerful brand walks into a room you are able to command a presence and cultivate conversations that ultimately build your business and what you do.

3. Business brand visibility.

A clever way to increase the reach of your business is to build a recognisable personable brand that compliments what you do on a professional level. If people admire you as a person, they will always be attracted to what you do. In saying this you need to create something memorable. Develop a trademark style, phrase or quirk that your audience can recognise you by.

A perfect example of this is Naomi Simson – Founder of Red Balloon. She has her own trademark style and is now know as “the lady in red.” Naomi literally wears red every single day. If you don’t believe us Google image her and see what comes up. This clever play on her business name has made her an ambassador for successful personal branding as she is invited to speak on this topic at World Class Events.

4. It opens doors.

A personal brand can open many more doors than your product or service alone. A really great example of this is Jane Lu – Founder of Showpo. We recommend you head over to @thelazyceo on Instagram and watch a cool reflection of the Fashion Boss connect with a millennial audience. Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Jane. We chose her because of her personal brand as she openly talks about the struggles of business and how her empire was built from the ground up. We hope you are drawing the connection here. You read the article, you have a stalk of Jane and you will see her empire Showpo. Naturally you will check out everything she does if you like her. This isn’t rocket science.

Restricting yourself to focusing on only your business brand limits your chances of growth.

5. It builds trust.

Let’s face it – consumers are relentlessly targeted with advertising every second of the day and in turn are now are more skeptical than they have ever been. So in order to build a client base you first need to build trust. The easiest way to do that is by giving them a platform where they can get to know YOU – the person behind the business. By creating a sense of familiarity with your audience – that cultivates trust and that is what sells.

Where to go from here?

There is no day better than today to get started. We suggest taking a moment to think of the people you follow on Instagram and why, think about who they are and what their business is. Now develop a list of what is special about you, your beliefs and how you can amplify your mission through a personal brand.

Now that you are thinking about your personal brand – imagine what it looks like in your ideal world. How do you dress, write and speak? Your personal brand will not evolve on its own. A personal brand takes creativity, commitment and consistency. We are raising our glass of vino girl and cheering you on all the way – go get em!

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