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Known for building wildly successful online and offline campaigns. Wolf and Geek have a knack for unique ideas and imaginative fuel for your brand. They not only teach you how to build a brand but how to stay ahead of the pack.


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Rhiannon Johnson

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Jayinem by Wolf and Geek

Two of the most incredibly talented women I have ever come across. I brought them an idea and they gave back more than my wildest dreams for my business. They included me every step and made the whole process so much fun. I can’t thank you both enough for everything you have done for my business! I highly highly recommend them.​

Jessica Moore

Jayinem make-up mistress

Wolf and Geek fan girl here! I've attended their Branding Badassery workshop and I've completed online Insta Intensive. They have their finger on the pulse, they know what it takes to run an authentic business that makes an impact and serves from the heart. They provide a heady mix of honesty, vulnerability inspiration and motivation (the kind that actually makes you want to level up)
Wolf and Geek Testimonial with Beautiful Light Photography
Tania Barbieri
Beautiful Light Photography
In my opinion Wolf & Geek are nothing short of inventive, supportive & damn inspiring! These 2 business brains have a wealth of knowledge, contacts and creativity to share with the world and genuinely have YOUR business in mind as they offer you advice & support throughout your journey - no matter what stage of business you are at.​​
Wolf and Geek Testimonial with Jaime Payne from Fencing Around
Jaime Payne
Fencing Around
These girls are amazing, you absolutely won't go wrong. Their passion, focus and desire to help their clients is a true example of everything they represent which is all heart. If you want a company that will go above and beyond then I cannot recommend Wolf and Geek highly enough.​​
Kylie Wall - Wolf and Geek Brand School
Kylie Wall
Kapow Recruiting