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Our House.

We are experts at failing! True Story!

We have now built a whole business model around everything we have learnt from failing and sitting at rock bottom from the life lessons to the business goals. We have been there and done it all and for us it is the roots of success. We literally aren’t afraid of anything… well if you ask Rhi she will tell you all about her fear of crocodiles (It’s an Aussie thing)….

Anyways back to us being fearless. We live with a healthy disrespect to the norm and love to challenge the things people say we can’t do.

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Rylee Venables


Rhi Johnson

Two Bishes Teahouse Logo

Did you know we owned a Teahouse?
We are the Co-Bishes of Two Bishes Teahouse a trendy tea brand for best friends who love a good brew. The brand is well known for it’s quirky tag #SipSipBish as it boasts a selection of sassy flavours from Revenge, Karma, Humble and Badass.