If you are trying to  influence the world quit trying to be like it….

Jane Lu - Showpo

How To Go From Failure to Self Made Millionaire – Jane Lu’s Story

You might have clicked here today because you are wondering – “what the heck am I doing with my life”. – the same question Jane Lu Founder...

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Personal Branding by Wolf and Geek

Why You Need to Make a Name For Yourself

WHY BUILD A PERSONAL BRAND? One of the most crucial movements every business should engage in is branding. But we are not just talking about developi...

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Mindset is Everything Banner - Wolf and Geek

6 Important Lessons to Not Giving a Fuck

NOT GIVING A FUCK is something that every  Entrepreneur should apply to all areas of their life. Here are 6 important lessons to help your mindset be...

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7 Tips to Brand Your Instagram Header

7 Badass Tips on How to Brand Your Instagram

Brand your Instagram? Integrating Instagram into your branding strategy is essential for the survival and growth of your business and one of the best...

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The Secrets to Branding Success Header

13 Badass Secrets to Branding Success

In the daily battle of branding success you need to ask yourself will your potential customers think of you when it is time to buy – let’s be rea...

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