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We have a large selection of online courses at Brand School from The Basics of Branding and Content to Business, Marketing and Getting Results.

Build your network and skills

We offer two online communities - a Brand School Support Group for learning and a Social Community called Netwerk It Girl to build your circle and confidence. We also offer access to our Brand the Gram Insta Community.

No Contracts - cancel at anytime

We don't lock you into anything with us, of course we would love you to stay forever but if at anytime you wish to leave, it is one easy click and we promise not to hold it against you.

Be the first, be the best or be forgotten...

Your brand is important and we teach exactly that so as the future evolves, you are not left behind. You will enjoy  many courses with us including Badass Brandstorming – Branding 101 – The Art of Social Lighting – How to Build a Personal Brand – Our Wildhouse Method and much more….

BossBabe are you ready to grow your audience, attract paying followers and become an expert in your space?

The Insta Growth Academy is a 12-week accelerator designed to show you how to grow and monetize your Instagram account. The program was created by community-building expert, Natalie Ellis – CEO of BossBabe.

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Grow your Instagram with the exact strategy the Bossbabe grew to over 1 million highly engaged followers.


Lifetime Access to a mastermind of strategically built content including videos, editable strategic workbooks and tutorials with BossBabe's CEO Natalie Ellis.

HANDS ON Support

You will get access to a private channel where Natalie and the team will give you support and feedback.

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Netwerk It Girl Empire

The ultimate friend making tool

Life can get lonely when you are surrounded by the wrong people and we know exactly what the right circle did for our life and business. Join The Netwerk - a place to make new friends and grow relationships and collaborations. So let's get collecting #finderskeepers

learn to build your netwerk

You will have basic friend building tool, downloads and activities to be able to help even the most introverted get started on one of the most important pieces of your entrepreneurial adventure.


Your Annual Membership includes lots of perks like invites to events, discounts to online Netwerk Services and much more.

I am so grateful that when it came time to launch my business - I had the support and encouragement from Wolf and Geek. They assisted me to create a beautiful brand with bucket loads of personality. That resulted in a fantastic response online as soon as my small business launched. I love that they think outside the box, can give a little tough love when necessary and become your biggest cheerleaders!
Wolf and Geek with Eat My Blooms
Hayley Paton
Eat My Blooms
The two creatives behind Wolf and Geek are a "business essential" when you plan on growing your brand. Together they help you push your own creative thinking, generate new ideas and give your brand a voice. I love that they are both so opposite and you have access to two different minds
Brand School - Living in the Moment Photography
Anita Gillespie
Living in the Moment Photography
Wow! What a life changing few months being apart of the #Netwerkit community within the Creative House! 🏡 I have already kicked so many goals since joining the Brand School along with overcoming more personal goals within myself! 🙌 BEST decision I have made! 💯 I found my tribe here! 💎
Love Letters Testimonial Photo for Wolf and Geek
Kaylah Stanley
Love Letters xo


Want to learn how to create unique and creative content to have your audience begging for more? Join our 7 day Content Bootcamp.