Keynotes and Workshops

You came here looking for change! Are you ready to step into your influence and power to become the best you can be?

Creative – Innovative and Motivating are the top three words used to describe our work from people who have worked with us.

We deliver relatable experiences to help your audience connect with real life challenges both in their day to day lives and their businesses. The World is changing and at a rapid rate – we deliver content of the now to help you cope with the future, to help people evolve and most importantly to make sure you don’t get left behind. If you want to make an impact – we are here for that!

Discover your inner Badass.

Your life is literally one decision away from a totally different life and in our Keynote Options we offer more than just inspiration – we give your audience an experience.

Build Your Skillset.

We offer hands on Workshops in skill building for both business and life. Your team or  audience will walk away with new ways of doing things needed to face everyday challenges in business and life.


Building Brands

Listen to the stories behind the Brands we have built and the secrets to how to build a badass brand from the ground up.

A Personal Brand that Sells

Come explore the importance of a personal brand with us as we dive into why have one and how to execute building one.

The Digital Future

The Future is digital and if you are not in the rocket ship you will be left behind. We will talk about future trends, predictions and things going on digitally now that you should be dipping into,


Trying to become a better person? Us too! Here is our story and what we did to change our lives to live better. This is the pep talk on why you need to give less f#cks and the core message of how to do this with grace.

Mindset Matters

Being successful is all about mindset. We will explore the success mindset, good habits and how to avoid overwhelm and burnout - with real stories about what rock bottom felt like and how we changed our own mindsets;

Influence and Power

In the New-Age World of Influencers and a growing trend to be one - we take a look at what real influence and power is and how you can step into your own Influence and Power without calling yourself an "Influencer."


Brainstorming for Teams

This is a micro workshop suitable for a full day team bonding activity where they will learn to engineer ideas for business growth through creativity and innovation.

Build Your Audience on Social Media

Social Media isn't going anywhere and if your team or audience is not about it - then this workshop is to get them into the game and working towards the future of the business.

Get Your House in Order

This workshop is walks your team or audience through the process of setting up an effective modern business strategy for growth. It includes how to test ideas for sustainability and ideas on how to jumpstart business growth right away.

Build a Badass Brand

Be the first - Be the Best or be forgotten. This is one of our most talked about workshops as it explores how to develop a memorable brand - the brand that when it comes time to buy - customers remember you.

Grow Your Business

This workshop explores techniques to increase revenue and build the business further by improving their sales techniques and expanding your reach.

The Content Game

This workshop helps your team or audience define a clear focus and plan for using content marketing to push their business forward and grow…. without getting overwhelmed.

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All of our keynotes and workshops are fully customisable to be tailored for your team or audience with a number of great items that can be packaged in from digital courses for ongoing education to downloadable ebooks and tools. Use the form below to send us your basic information and we will be in contact with options, quotes and make a time to answer all of your questions.